Monday, March 27, 2017

Our world

As lovers of the outdoors, we understand how important it is to preserve our environment and do as little destruction to the planet as possible.That in mind, we have designed our tents to cause as little disturbance to the surrounding’s if any at all when done properly. Almost always, an entire development (such as 4 Rivers Eco Lodge, Cambodia) can be completely taken down and relocated without leaving a single trace behind! Generally the tents are set up on a elevated wooden platform. This way the only portion of any structure that touches the ground are the cement/wood pylons for the deck itself. Once removed all that you are left with, are a few simple holes that need to be filled. Also during the layout process of your retreat we suggest wherever possible to leave as much natural vegetation and landscape untouched. We have had many clients actually leave many of the trees and incorporate them into the development through the decking. This creates a beautiful natural environment, unforgettable ambiance, and leaves the land untouched or damaged.
- ET
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