Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Monday

Happy Monday,

Thinking out side the box is key when it comes to creating a tented retreat, and versatility is a huge advantage that canvas structures have over your typical buildings. Our tents are designed to be able to be set up, taken down, and relocated if necessary. You are almost always able to bring your investment with you anywhere your life takes you.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

An Unforgettable Journey

Happy Thursday!

One of the most important detail’s to remember when developing a glamping retreat is that travelers are now seeking more than just reaching a destination. They are looking for an experience. So you must do your best to not only make the tents as unique as possible. But to also develop the land and the entire layout of the retreat to be an unforgettable journey for your clients from the moment they first pull up to your property. 
We have found that with some strategic and careful planning almost every property has the ability to really capture and highlight the natural surrounds of the area.
Recently, on a trip to evaluate land for a customer in which they intend to develop a large glamping resort, It was a pleasant surprise to find that there were a ton of natural assets already on the property. Including many trees, plants, and large boulders which are all able to be used throughout, to ensure that each tent is designed to submerse itself into the area in the most appealing way possible. Also why exploring the property we found a really cool dried up creek bed, which might be easily overlooked as a key resource to the property to the untrained eye. Yet, since thinking out side the box is what we do, we found that it could be filled with water, then pumped back and forth to create a unique flowing water source throughout the property. This will not only add an awesome ascetic feel, and sound to the land. It will also give water and life to the trees and make the property much greener and more vibrant than it already is.
These natural assets, minor details, and the strategic placement of your tent's are really what create the synergy with the land, and merge your retreat with the surrounding environment. This is what living under canvas is all about. 

“ Here at 'Exclusive Tents’ the world is our canvas “