Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that you are all enjoying the week as the holiday rush comes to a close, and with any luck will finally able to settle down and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy some quiet time.
One of the most frequent questions that I get asked almost daily is specific to the frame option's within our tents. And many of you seem to be interested in knowing how to choose the best steel option for your location. So I’ll answer that very simply and efficiently for you. 

We have 3 options to choose from. Choice 1, our most inexpensive choice, Is the galvanized mild steel frame. This option is best for all sites that are not susceptible to higher humidity levels. The mild steel frame is perfect for dryer locations such as: Arizona, USA. Central, Mexico. and most countries in Africa. 

The next grade of steel that we offer for each of our 30+ designs would be the 304 s/s. This is the mid range steel option which is less prone to rusting than the mild steel frame. Which make's this choice perfectly equipped to handle more wet/tropical locations such as Belize, and Costa Rica, along with most of Europe, and Asia’s countries. We do strongly recommend for extra peace of mind and to ensure the longevity of the tent, for less dry locations such as the jungle or rain forest, that clients source locally a rust resistant paint compound. This should be applied periodically or every few years. The latest blog covers in great detail the whole suggested process.

Our last option which is our marine grade steel is the 316 S/s frame and is perfectly equipped for most coastal areas, Including The California Cost, Hawaii, or The Bahamas. The 316 s/s is the most weather resistant, least prone to rusting, and is the highest grade steel that we offer. This is a must for all tent sites that will be in close proximity to the ocean. 

I hope that this helped clarify the different options that we offer, and made it clearer which steel choice is most appropriate for your area.

Cheers to the end of the 2014 year and I hope that each and everyone of you have a safe and enjoyable New Years.

- ET