Friday, April 18, 2008

C.A. Expedition and Other News

Greetings all,

With so much going on, time has been flying by at an amazing rate as we wait to get the Central American Expedition Underway.

Around the 24th of April we will be packing up for the expedition and then head off to set tents up on Grand Cayman Island for a few days.

Thereafter we will head to Costa Rica to pack and prepare for the Expedition.

On arrival we will be spending a few days checking over the vehicle and making the final changes if need be.

The one-week planned diversion to Ecuador that we mentioned in the previous newsletter is now off as the client has postponed the visit without a future date, so we are open to any alternative proposals.

We expect the Expedition to be underway on or around the 5th – 11th of May and departing from San Jose, Costa Rica.

We will keep you updated on our Blog Page on our actual departure dates – Please Bookmark our Blog Page for referencing our Expedition news and progress.

We hope to be updating the blog daily for those not only interested in our Tents and Barefoot Furniture but for those who just simply want to share in the adventure. We will also be posting pictures and video clips of our more interesting adventures and encounters, to the blog.

The kitting out of the vehicle is going well and still on schedule. Some of the additions include a heavy-duty roof rack (to accommodate our custom-made rooftop tent and other gear), security alarm system, winch and recovery gear (sponsored by Overland Experts), 2nd battery & spare tire, snorkel, 31” tires and a few other custom modifications.

See the above picture of Angelika and our 1979 Diesel Land Cruiser, prior to it being kitted out for the expedition.

We would also like to thank our good friend “Homeless” for sponsoring all of our marketing and printed materials and Polar Bear Coolers with their promise to keep our beers cold forever.

Last but not least, we have also been sponsored with inspiring expedition music by the talented Rock Band, The Last Act of Defiance (LAD), their magic constituting a unique mix of
Electric and Acoustic music.

The initial route we will be following from San Jose, will take us to Jaco on the Pacific Coast and east around the Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce past Golfito and then on to Panama.
Once in Panama we will mainly follow the Pacific Coast as best we can around the
Azuero Peninsula and then onto Panama City.

We do plan to cross the Panama Canal and visit the area around the Portobelo National Park on the Caribbean side but we will not be going much further east in Panama unless we get any appointments in that area.

In heading back to Costa Rica, we will first head up to Bocas Del Toro for a number of appointments and then onto Port Limon on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We will then cross through the volcano rich part of Central Costa Rica passing through the towns of Siquirres, Guapiles, La Virgen, and the Lake Arenal area on our way back to the Pacific Coast.

Once back on the coast we will follow the coastline around the Gulf and Peninsula of Nicoya to the remote & less traveled Geotectonic interesting Santa Elena Peninsula, before heading into Nicaragua.

Once we are underway on the expedition we will lay out the routes we will be taking through the rest of the Central American Countries will be traversing (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and finally through Mexico and back to Arizona).

As we already have close on 50 appointments already set up so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to
schedule an appointment with us to visit with you, even if it is slightly off the routes described above.

We are offering an Expedition Special on the 6-Leg Serengeti Tent that will run through the duration of the Expedition. (See Picture Above)

This tent offer includes a mild steel frame and has a room that is 7.2M x 3.5M (23.7’ x 11.5’), which includes a 2M x 3.5M (6.6’ x 11.5’) area in the rear for the bathroom.

The tent has an overall footprint of 10.5M x 5.1M (16.7’ x 34.4’)

The Serengeti Tent
The Serengeti Tent components consist of the following:
Mild Steel Frame (stainless steel frame is an optional extra)
Shade Fly
Rain Fly
Canvas Tent Body
Tension Chains
Body Poles

For Quotes please contact
Jake directly at

Prices will exclude freight, local delivery, wooden platforms, layout, electrical, plumbing, interiors, fixtures, appliances, setup, duties, local delivery and related costs.

Manufacturing Lead Time is about 10-12 weeks.

Though we will be posting all our expedition contact info on the
Expedition Blog Page, please also find it below and copy it for future reference.

For those of you who are new to the newsletter, please check the Blog Page to see the past two newsletters and the new Shawu Tent Drawings. Also see the truly beautiful Mabarule Tent – these two tents along with the Kambaku & Mafunyane Tents are named in memory of the Magnificent Seven Elephants.

Expedition Members:
Paul Zway (The Krazy African)
Angelika Kanizsai (The Krazy Hungarian)


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