Thursday, April 21, 2016


Here at Exclusive Tents International we pride ourselves on crafting the worlds most beautiful and durable tents. Even after more than a decade we have never stopped exploring how we can make our own designs even better...
- ET

Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

We hope that you had a nice relaxing weekend.
This weeks blog is highlighting a past project that we are proud to be apart of: 4 Rivers Eco Lodge

Exclusive Tents International along with the owner of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia, really managed to get the imagination running wild with the creation of the worlds first ever floating lodge.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is more than your dream retreat. The real beauty is the unique experience this resort offers to clients. Exclusive tent's designs along with the carefully crafted features of the floating deck enables the resort to relocate as they wish. Within a short amount of time the entire resort can be relocated anywhere along the Tatai River in which it resides. The freedom lies within the tents ability to share not only a section of the river with clients, but to offer them an experience unlike any other and to really embrace the river experience in full. Leaving a minimal footprint with no long lasting impressions to the environment is a huge focus of ours as was theirs. This project really opened our eyes to the success it has had in achieving such a delicate feat while also maintaining the luxury that is expected with any other 4 star resort.
Were not here to simply sell you a tent, we're here to imagine, explore, and help you create your vision of "Living Under Canvas." No landscape is off limits and no clients vision is impossible.
- ET
Here is a testimonial from our good friend and client Valentin Pawlik, Owner of 4 Rivers resort in Cambodia:
"The resort leaves no footprint on the environment. We can pack up and move it out easily. In about one month we can move the entire resort and you will never know it was here.