Friday, June 28, 2013

Set Up Update: UAE Project

Set Up Update: UAE Project

Paul within the past few months has been working and traveling diligently back and forth for our client in the UAE assisting with the set up of the very large custom tents.

There will be a total of 4 custom designs over all, the first and largest of the bunch has a tent space of 1,165 sq. m (12,529 sq. ft!) and will serve multiple purposes for clients as a reception/lounge/kitchen tent. Another one of the larger custom designs will be used as a vip tent standing at a total of 350 sq. m(3,767 sq. ft.). Also included are a total of 7 smaller tents that will be used as lodging for guests. As of right now none of the tents are completely set up, we will keep you all updated as the set up continues.

With the tent site being in the heart of the desert among the endless sand dunes set up has been very challenging to say the least. Despite the heat ( some days reaching upwards of 120 degrees ), other difficulties to face are battling the winds and sands which kick up and seem to aim directly for the teams eyes and orifices, none the less not the most pleasant conditions to work in. Again the wind became a challenge making it incredibly difficult to balance the tent bodies prior to fixing them to the base or platform.

Our biggest obstacle yet with the project has been meeting the very tight time lines on all these bespoken designs, as it is virtually impossible to predict production times against custom designed tents. Also difficult has been integrating the external brick and mortar WC structures into the tents but this too was finally mastered. Ultimately it was having to work in and around an unfinished base that was most difficult with the set up of the vip tent.

Please keep an eye out for more set up updates to follow for our UAE project as well as many others that are in the works.

We hope everyone is enjoying their friday and looking forward to the weekend that lays ahead.

- ET

Photos by Patrice Belle

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Moon At Sinya on Loan Man Creek

A beautiful picture of the super moon caught on June 23 2013 taken from The Bububu Tent at Sinya on Loan Man Creek (Texas, USA).

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Dear Exclusive Tents"

"Dear Exclusive Tents"

Good afternoon we are interested in some tents .. Please quote us on a resort concept similar to the development of The 4 Rives Lodge in Cambodia. With a similar number of tens. The direction for our project and tent site would be on some land we own. Thanks

Dear Customer,

We get a lot of questions written to us daily regarding specifics on resorts that we have done in the past, as well as which designs we feel would work best for your proposed project. While as there is no right or wrong answer to this question let me give you the insider's scoop for one of the top and most unique eco friendly resorts in the world that we are proud to say we were apart of. The 4 Rivers Eco Lodge located in Cambodia!

The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge was completed in 2009, and is made up of 12 Kingfisher Tents used for lodging, 1 Fish Eagle Tent as a reception/dining area, and also includes a Bateleur Tent used as a library. All of the tents are built entirely on custom decking which float soothingly on top the waters of the The Tatai River. The combination of both the tents and the decking completely enable you to truly be consumed by the tranquility of the river as well as the seemingly endless rain forest.

With in the past few years The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge has lived up to its name as a one of a kind resort, and made its way into many articles and even was Included in a segment on The Getaway's Travel Channel out of Australia. 

Thank you for your valued inquiry and I hope this may have cleared up any questions that you had.

To read more about The 4 Rivers Resort check out the article below that appeared in



Monday, June 17, 2013

The Worlds Newest Tented Resort

Bali Indonesia, home of the newest tented resort, Sandat Glamping, has taken the world by storm and has a lot of people talking. This one of a kind resort is living up to the expectations and is quickly becoming one of the top Glamping resorts in the world. 

"Think tropical luxury combined with creature comforts and you've got the measure of this place. This is glamorous camping at its very best!" Said Tabitha Synods, founder and director of
read more about Sandat Glamping Resort below.

Here is a picture from The Sandat Resort in Bali showing off a view from inside one their Kingfisher Tent's looking out onto the beautiful landscape.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


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