Friday, October 18, 2013

Dear Exclusive Tents

Dear Exclusive Tents,

I have been interested in some of your tents for a resort that we are planning on creating for a while now, and I would really like to know more about any and all foundation recommendations that you may have for us toconsider when preparing our land for such an establishment.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your valued inquiry. Building a resort from the ground up can seem a bit overwhelming at times with all of the options and decisions that need to in place for a resort to properly come together. Here at Exclusive Tents we are more than happy to provide suggestions based upon our own and past clients experiences to make the entire process seem painless.
As for a proper foundation to our tents this is a huge factor to consider when choosing to establish a tented retreat. Each one of our designs do need to be secured to a solid base except for The Budget Serengeti Tent. For the inside tent flooring we do have a few different options we can suggest.

Preferably our tents require a wooden deck for them to be built on. A concrete slab or flagstone will also suffice. We do offer a pvc groudsheet, but strongly suggest going with a wooden decking for a few reasons. The main reason we suggest a wooden decking/platform over the pvc groundsheet is because it gets very scruffy and wears through with time and is not easy to replace. So the longevity of the wooden decking is normally recommended. A concrete slab or flagstone will also suffice.

The deck component can be the easiest or most contentious, as everyone has their own ideas and a creative side. Also some folks may bring in an architect into the mix, who will be able to make things more interesting, and at times more costly. Be reminded that in many instances the deck or platform supporting the tent may turn out more costly than the tent itself. The platform can also be made of concrete, a mix of stone, brick, and mortar, but at the end of the day, one would like to create a base that is rigid and strong enough to support the tent. We like to suggest that one tries to avoid rectangles and squares, however, this is not always possible due to budget constraints.

Happy Friday!

Exclusive Tents

Monday, October 7, 2013

Link Love

*Link Love

Happy Monday,

For this weeks link love were taking you back to a resort that we were a part of, which was established a few years back and was one of the most detailed and complex layouts for a glamping resort still to this day. A one of a kind resort doesn't even begging to describe the unique features and overall layout for this retreat. Now for a behind the scenes look into one of the most eco and water friendly resorts in the world that which is The 4 Rivers Eco Lodge located in Cambodia.

The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge was completed in 2009, and is made up of 12 Kingfisher Tents used for lodging, 1 Fish Eagle Tent as a reception/dining area, and also includes a Bateleur Tent used as a library. All of the tents are built entirely on custom decking which float soothingly on top the waters of the The Tatai River. The combination of both the tents and the decking completely enable you to truly be consumed by the tranquility of the river as well as the seemingly endless rain forest.

With in the past few years The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge has lived up to its name as a one of a kind resort, and made its way into many articles and even was Included in a segment on The Getaway's Travel Channel out of Australia.

To read more about The 4 Rivers Resort check out the article below that appeared in