Monday, September 23, 2013

"Dear Exclusive Tents"

Dear Exclusive Tents,

I am really interested in some of your safari style designs such as The Serengeti Tents. I am however a little unsure what the major difference’s are between The Serengeti Tent’s and The Budget Serengeti Tent’s if any? Would you please help clarify.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your valued inquiry. I would be more than happy to explain the major differences between the Serengeti tent design and our Budget Serengeti tent option. Although they are virtually identical in design and size, there are a few things that separate the two.

The main difference between the Budget Serengeti tents, and the 4,5,6 Leg Serengeti Tent are as follows:

1)  The Budget Serengeti tents are unable to be customized. Unlike our other designs which allows you to choose colors, and window and door placements, the Budget Serengeti comes only in olive green canvas body, green screened windows, and set door and window placements. (For point.
2) The Budget Serengeti Tents are the only design we offer that do not need to be set onto a platform/decking, and is the only design that comes standard with a stitched in PVC floor.

3) The Budget option comes only with a canvas fly sheet. Where as the 4,5,6 Leg Serengeti Tent’s come with a multi layer roofing system, which includes the 80% shade fly, and pvc rain fly. The canvas fly sheet’s included with the Budget option are water proof.

4) The diameter of the steel framing is thinner on the Budget Serengeti tents, and the GSM rating of the canvas is of a lower grade than the standard 550 for all other designs.

Choosing the best option is difficult. It depends on the overall vision of your project, time lines, and budget. Hopefully this will help you in choosing the best design to suit the overall glamping experience you are trying to create. 

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Happy Monday!