Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Now Thats Camping! Hilla Farms - Bububu Tent

Photo: Now That's Camping! - Hilla Farms - Bububu Tent

Tips For Tents

Tips For Tents

Happy Tuesday!

Hey all, we hope that each of you had a relaxing and enjoyable beginning to the week.
Below is another segment of our blog dedicated to those who already own some of our Exclusive Tents, or to those who are interested in creating their own tented dwelling sometime in the near future.

Please feel free cheek out our web sitewww.exclusivetents.com or to email us directly at mail@exclusivetents.com for any questions you may have.

This weeks "Tips For Tents" was inspired by a recent trip to visit a Mambrrr Tent that was set up in one of the most beautiful, and secluded jungle locations we have ever seen.

Recently we have had a few clients who asked what our secret methods are in creating the most efficient lighting that will create the perfect ambiance for both inside and outside the tent. This week we will focus on the interior.

There are many different ways that we have found to most effectively integrate both natural lighting, as well as the perfect amount of artificial lighting in the tents. One of the main points to keep in mind when beginning to create your dwelling is that lighting inside the tent should be done creatively. Creative lighting would effectively compliment the tent, but at the same time would do so by avoiding any directly light glaring in ones eyes. LED lighting seems to be a perfect match when done properly for the inside of the tent and definitely touches home with the overall ambiance. Another method we have found to be quite successful for clients has been to install recessed lighting throughout the foundation of the tent. The recessed lighting should be pointed strategically with the most desired locations hidden behind furniture, with the lighting pointed towards the wall to help accentuate the flow of the canvas and unique features of our fabric. With the most efficient projected lighting it will not only provide the appropriate light to the area, but will also merge the tents beauty with the natural surrounding environment. The overall lighting of the tent is something that you want to completely and thoroughly plan out prior to the set up of your tent. Preferably even have the entirety of the electrical wiring ran through either the decking or the steel framing components of the tents.

I hope that this was insightful and informative to those of you who are interested in owning an Exclusive Tent or designing your own eco friendly retreat one day.