Friday, November 13, 2015

Elevated Deck

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I have a blog that was inspired by a recent trip to visit a client living in some of our tents. She lives in 3 of our tents permanently. 2 Bateleur Tents, And 1 Mambrrr Tent. All of which are on a 5000 Sq. ft deck that is elevated 25-30 feet above ground. Since it is a permanent residence and not temporary,
she has decided to utilize every inch of space on the property. With a super elevated deck, the possibilities are endless.
There are many benefits to having a raised deck over your typical platform that sits right on the ground. One of the biggest reasons you should consider an elevated platform is that you are practically able to double the use of the same sq. footage when done properly. This specific client has used the underside of their deck to create a parking garage, a storage basement, and even shelter for their pets. But that is only one clients vision. Others have decided to utilized the same space to create a work shop, and even a guest room. Like we have said before, if you envision it, you can create it. When constructing your tented retreat, we encourage all of our clients, to be conscious, and as least invasive as possible to the environment. Another yet amazing benefit to having an elevated deck is that it will allow for all of the natural vegetation to grow back with time. Which will make for even less of a overall footprint to the environment.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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