Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mauritania and back

Sorry for the lapse in comms on this trip but we were on the road (sand) a lot and internet access was rather limited.
Be that as it may, the trip was fantastic and most educational not to mention the really hospitable and friendly people we met wherever we went.
It is a peaceful Muslim country with so much to give but not beer and wine to be sure :)
We traveled mostly close to the coast far north to Banc De Arguin an amazing coastal national park with a very rich diversity of ocean and bird life.
We then went right down to the Senegal border where the desert runs in to Acacia scrub and is also beautiful in itself.
The the Sahara desert is simply stunning in its vastness, stark beauty and desolation.
Here follow a selection of pics which ends with a view from our hotel room in Nouakchott and toward the top you will see the same scene after the wind kicked up a bit and one could only see two blocks in front of the eye/lens.
Take care
Paul and Angelika

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Greetings all
You wil have to bear with us as we have little to no internet or phone access but wanted to post a few pics.
At some time when we are not moving and get some free time I will add text to the trip but in the mean time enjoy these pics from a truly amazing part of this earth
Take care
Paul and Angelika

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few new pics of our tents...

Back again

Greetings all,
It has been awhile since we blogged here but we are back on the verge of a new adventure to Africa.
There have been two newsletters sent out this year, if you have not received or wish to be added to our mailing, please send an email requesting this to
We were down in S. Africa this last November and again in January and on the former trip, we went to the Kruger Park to meet old friends so we have included a few pics here to share with you.
This weekend, we head to Mauritania where we will be doing 3 site evaluations in one of Africa's largest coastal parks which is also a World Heritage Site. Mauritania is also the only country where the Sahara pushes all the way through to the coast as far as I know.
Keep checking back here on the blog next week as we will start blogging on the trip and posting interesting pics.
Take care all
Paul & Angelika

Water Buck
Cape Bufflao
Very Large Scorpion
Young Spotted Hyena