Monday, January 12, 2015

Color Options

Hey Guys,

We hope that you all have had a great start to the 2015 year.
I have personally recently had a few clients interested in knowing which canvas color options are available with our tents.
Well below I have included a picture of my favorite of the colors that we offer with our designs.
Which happens to be… charcoal grey. Other colors that we offer include: coconut, dove, navy, olive, and sand.
If you wish to check out a specific color feel free to contact us directly via email or on our Facebook.
Happy Monday!
And we wish you all a great week ahead.

- ET

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that you are all enjoying the week as the holiday rush comes to a close, and with any luck will finally able to settle down and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy some quiet time.
One of the most frequent questions that I get asked almost daily is specific to the frame option's within our tents. And many of you seem to be interested in knowing how to choose the best steel option for your location. So I’ll answer that very simply and efficiently for you. 

We have 3 options to choose from. Choice 1, our most inexpensive choice, Is the galvanized mild steel frame. This option is best for all sites that are not susceptible to higher humidity levels. The mild steel frame is perfect for dryer locations such as: Arizona, USA. Central, Mexico. and most countries in Africa. 

The next grade of steel that we offer for each of our 30+ designs would be the 304 s/s. This is the mid range steel option which is less prone to rusting than the mild steel frame. Which make's this choice perfectly equipped to handle more wet/tropical locations such as Belize, and Costa Rica, along with most of Europe, and Asia’s countries. We do strongly recommend for extra peace of mind and to ensure the longevity of the tent, for less dry locations such as the jungle or rain forest, that clients source locally a rust resistant paint compound. This should be applied periodically or every few years. The latest blog covers in great detail the whole suggested process.

Our last option which is our marine grade steel is the 316 S/s frame and is perfectly equipped for most coastal areas, Including The California Cost, Hawaii, or The Bahamas. The 316 s/s is the most weather resistant, least prone to rusting, and is the highest grade steel that we offer. This is a must for all tent sites that will be in close proximity to the ocean. 

I hope that this helped clarify the different options that we offer, and made it clearer which steel choice is most appropriate for your area.

Cheers to the end of the 2014 year and I hope that each and everyone of you have a safe and enjoyable New Years.

- ET

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tips for Tents

September is right around the corner and yet again the summer has come and gone. It seems that time flies by quicker and quicker with each passing week and with fall closing in, this weeks blog is dedicated to all of our current clients. Everything from your personal health to your families home regardless of the structure require maintenance. And to ensure you get the longest life possible out of your tented retreat proper care is absolutely a must.
         A general rule of thumb to keeping your tent in tip top shape is to run through a visual inspection on a weekly if not daily basis. Observing changes and or irregularities are a must. Ensuring all fabrics are constantly under proper tension and are not becoming baggy, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for any markings such as mold,dirt,or dust will save you a lot of trouble down the road.
        All the fabrics should be under constant tension at all times. Should the fabric become loose and start flapping in the wind, damage may occur to the canvas as well as the frame. However there is a delicate balance between not enough and just the right amount of tensioning. It is also suggested that the tent’s outer canvas be wiped down with a soft sponge and light soap solution to keep the canvas clean and clear of dirt. The tents canvas, along with the windows storm flaps should be sponged down at least once every month or two. 
        We also offer a type of water base paint which we call “canvas compound”  This compound is a concentrate, and is mixed with water and best applied with a soft paintbrush. generally applied every 1-3 years.

        Its important to protect your one of a kind investment and with following these few tips your tent's will last you a lifetime. Living under canvas has never before been able to properly merge luxury and the beauty of nature Until now! With Exclusive Tents ‘The World Is Our Canvas’.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Part 4 of 5 Reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

Blog Part 4 of 5 Reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

Its true… No destination is off limits when you have an Exclusive Tent.  A few details that should never be forgotten when designing a luxury resort are that ‘privacy' and 'views' are two of the most important features to individuals seeking an experience and looking to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days. We all know that when purchasing a home or business property that location is huge. One resort that perfectly combined the environment along with our designs to reach the ultimate secluded yet glamorous getaway is Minaret Station in New Zealand.

Location,Location,Location: Your tented retreat deep in the jagged peaks of the Southern Alps above Lake Wanaka is nothing short of an adventure from the beginning. Helicopter is the only way to and from the resort as well as your only glimpse to some of the most scenic parts of the South Island. "We want our guests to share all of the aspects of the Southern Alps that meant so much to us growing up in this special environment,” Matt (the director of tourism for the station) says. "Whether that be the change in the pure mountain breezes, waking up along with local wildlife, or soaking in the sounds of the nearby river entering the boulder-strewn gorge on its way down to the lake. In these tented suites, you experience the magic of the high country.” The largest perk in having an Exclusive Tent is that much like camping you feel well connected to, and are able to become one with the surroundings, instead of feeling isolated and secluded while inside your room.

Whether you want a private island paradise or your own tree top retreat in the jungle, Exclusive Tents International can make your great idea a reality. ‘The world is our canvas’ and raising the bar in what is possible is our specialty.

- ET

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 Reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

5 Reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

If you're considering starting your own resort, I'm sure you're slightly overwhelmed by the immense amount of decisions that must be made with such a venture. Not to mention the stress that comes with starting from ground zero, and placing your future in the hands of a brand new business that no one has ever heard of. Well, let our family help yours! Over the last decade Exclusive Tents International is very proud to have been apart of many well established unique resorts from beginning to end. We're here to make sure your project is designed to succeed. Over the next few weeks we will highlight the top 5 ways Exclusive Tents has opened doors for resort owners around the globe, and helped enable each one individually to capture the perfect blend of nature and luxury along with long term success.

Investments: We have all heard that it takes money to make money. Especially for starting your own resort. Within your typical small business setting it takes roughly 3-5 years on average to start turning profit. Now, instead of waiting years to make the return on your initial investment (ROI) there is Exclusive Tents International. Living under canvas is nothing short of an experience and an experience is what people expect when its comes to their accommodations. With the rapidly growing glamping and green living industry we have come to prove that the concept of luxury alternative accommodations are not only a fan favorite over the more typical resorts, but that people are willing to pay more for the experience our tents provide. Due to their attractive nature, along with their carefully chosen locations, clients of Exclusive Tents on an average have been charging $1200 per room, per night. Kasbah Tamadot, one of the more well known resorts we were apart of, is a prime example of a high end resort that has made back there investment very quickly. With having 9 tents total and an average room rate of $1200 per night… You get the point.

5 reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you. Part #2

5 reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.
Part #2

Still searching for the perfect solution to enable your resort or vacation home to stand out above the rest?
Never before has there been such an open platform which gateways innovative ideas and designs with the creation of 'one of a kind' resorts.
Exclusive Tents International along with Valentin owner of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia, really managed to get the imagination running wild with the creation of the worlds first ever floating lodge.

Incomparable: No roads, No Neighbors, Just Nature. "Away from tourist trails there lies a land of unspoiled virgin forest, startling colors, and calls of birds of paradise." However 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is more than your dream retreat. The real beauty is the unique experience this resort offers to clients. Exclusive Tent's designs along with the carefully crafted features of the floating deck enables the resort to relocate as they wish. Within a short amount of time the entire resort can be relocated anywhere along the Tatai River in which it resides. The freedom is within the tents ability to share not only a section of the river with clients, but to offer them an experience unlike any other and to really embrace the river in full. Leaving a minimal footprint with no long lasting impressions to the environment is a huge focus of ours. This project really opened our eyes to the success it has had in achieving such a delicate feat while also maintaining the luxury that is expected with any other 4 star resort.

In connection to last weeks blog, we discussed how Exclusive Tents is truly an investment. We explored how clients are willing to pay more for an accommodation that provides a better experience accompanied by unforgettable memories. 4 rivers did a masterful job of this very concept, by creating something incomparable to other resorts and has achieved great success.
Happy Monday!
- ET

Blog Part #3 of the 5 reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

Blog Part #3 of the 5 reasons why Exclusive Tents is right for you.

If you have ever owned your own resort , you know very well that situations arise beyond anyones control. And sometimes due to exterior circumstances you may have to close down and sell the business. Or you may simply find yourself in dire need of some new scenery. Regardless of the reason, Exclusive Tents versatile structures offer you a whole new solution and are able to travel along with you, no matter where life's adventures may take you.

Versatility: Imagine you are forced to close or sell your business. In any typical situation it would take you months if not years to regain your footing. With the versatility that our tents offer over your conventional structure you're easily able to relocate your business to anywhere in the world without having to jump through hoops in search of an affordable building to lease or rent. With Exclusive Tents, you can open anything from a 5 star resort deep in the mountains of morocco one day to within a few short weeks morphing entirely into a surf shop on California's sandy beach's.

The ever popular 'what if' questions when opening a new resort are endless. What if a hurricane or fire comes through our property? Or if there are the very possible local issues? Well even when the unexpected happens with our tents you are able to maintain your investment instead of loosing it simply by dismantling the tents and reinventing or relocating your business. Which can be done within a few hours to a day or so as long as you have the appropriate amount of labor on hand. Exclusive Tents provides you with a solution no matter the situation.