Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exclusive Tent's withstanding the test of time.

Happy July!

As a consumer living in the 21st century it seems that we're constantly bombarded by fast paced marketing gimmicks, and sold over priced products that are designed quickly and inexpensively to be out of date or unusable with in a few years. Too often companies are taking this 'fast food' approach and are more concerned with the quantity showing complete disregard for the quality of there product. Here at Exclusive Tents, we take a more wholesome approach focusing on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. We believe in giving you what you pay for.
Currently we have clients that have had their tents standing for 17+ years. One question that is often asked is, what kind of wear and tear is common amongst our tents? Exclusive Tents unique designs are created in such a way that you will never have to completely replace the entire tent at once(except in the rare case of a natural disaster of course). If you find a component on the tent that needs replacing, you're able to remove the individual piece and replace it with ease at a very low cost.
Whether your thinking about establishing a 5 star resort or wish to create an eco friendly structure at your families favorite vacation spot, we want to provide you with trust and comfort in knowing that your perfect structure will be around for many years to come.

- ET

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Here at Exclusive Tents one of our passions is to create structures that are eco and environmentally sensitive

Happy Thursday,

 Here at Exclusive Tents one of our passions is to create structures that are eco and environmentally sensitive. Our motivation behind doing so comes from the Owner and CEO of Exclusive Tents, Paul Zway. 
        Paul was a game ranger in Kruger National Park for 17 years and specialized in nature conservation and the protection of the African Wilderness. He of all people understands the importance of protecting the environment, but also believes that one should be able to enjoy and interact with eco sensitive areas in a responsible way without any long lasting impressions to the area. Our innovative tents are designed to make this philosophy a reality. Our unique designs create a solutions for people who want to experience their favorite locations in the most unique way without jeopardize it. We want to participate and help not only you, but future generations to be able to experience and fully appreciate the tranquility and love for life that living amongst nature can bring you. 

Here is a testimonial from our good friend and client Valentin Pawlik,  Owner of 4 Rivers resort in Cambodia:

"The resort leaves no footprint on the environment. We can pack up and move it out easily. In about one month we can move the entire resort and you will never know it was here."

'Life Is Better Under Canvas'


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

Here at Exclusive Tents International one of our favorite things to do is exceed expectations. We know that each and every one of our clients are creative and have very unique ideas. We thrive on making your dreams become reality.

When working with Exclusive Tents International not only are you receiving a superior product, but your working with a wholesome, responsible, knowledgeable and superior company. Whether you're ordering a single tent for your back yard or you're building a 5 star resort, you'll always have the entire Exclusive Tents team behind you. We have engineers, interior designers, architects, set up specialists, consultants, and many other associates available to ensure that all of your needs are met and exceed expectations.
Once the project begins we will work with you step by step from beginning to end to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Were not here to sell you a tent, we're here to imagine, explore, and help you create your vision of "Living Under Canvas." No landscape is off limits and no clients vision is impossible.

Read more on the story of Exclusive Tents here  " http://www.exclusivetents.com/about.htm " 


- ET

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sinya on Lone Man Creekin Austin Texas

Check out this amazing aerial footage taken @ Sinya on Lone Man Creekin Austin Texas. It features the Bububu Tent which is one of our more popular designs.

"When 5 stars just isn't enough"

"When 5 stars just isn't enough"

This weeks blog is going to be geared towards something completely different than normal. We want to take the time and express the essence of what motivates us to create the most durable, beautiful, and desired tents in the world. On a regular basis we're asked to compare our tents' performance against other fabric structures and even whether or not an Exclusive Tent can hold its own when placed up against other conventional living structure's. Rather than breaking this down and comparing engineering strengths of this material vs. that metal blah blah blah, we thought it would be more fun to approach this from a more personal and passionate point of view.

Travelers no longer want to stay in boxy rooms with yellow dim lighting that completely isolates them from the destination they spent so long traveling to reach. The concept of brick and mortar style buildings being the only way to experience luxury is an out dated concept. Travelers want to bond with their destinations and create a long lasting experience. The saying 'less is more' seems simple, but that concept is what truly inspires us here at Exclusive Tents. We aspire to make tents that connect you with your destination and the environment on a more personal level. Don't hide from environment, embrace it!

In short, do we make the best tents in the world? Yes!
Do we do it with passion and innovation? Yes!
Are they better than normal structures? We think so :)

Normally we're the once's answering the questions, but for this week we want to ask you something: Are you ready to settle for " Normal " OR is " Living Under Canvas " just what you and your guests have been longing for?

- ET

Friday, May 2, 2014

Aluminum V Steel

Happy May!

The weekend is here yet again, and this year seems to be flying by very quickly. I hope that you are all just as excited to see what the rest of the year may hold as we are. 

There are many different materials that have been used to frame tents throughout time, and I thought I would do a blog on a topic that seems to be a growing concern with the rise of glamping resorts as of the past few years. "You pay for what you get" is something very true in the tent industry, and Exclusive Tents with being the worlds leader in canvas structures chooses only steel framing vs other such materials like aluminum and here is why. 

First and foremost no frame is more durable than steel. It can ding, scratch, dent, and even bend and still retain structural integrity. When cared for steel frames can last a lifetime.

The same isn't true for aluminum. Aluminum is more brittle, so it's more susceptible to failure through fatigue and damage. A single dent in the wrong place could render an aluminum frame unsafe and useless. And when aluminum fails, it fails catastrophically.

We use high quality steel frames for the same reason every high-end contractor uses steel to build custom homes and buildings. There are no sky scrapers or large custom houses that use aluminum for structural integrity. This is because aluminum does not meet a high enough standard in quality or reliability.

We have done extensive research on aluminum framing for our tents, but after years of research and testing in laboratories and in the field we have definitively found aluminum to be substandard in comparison.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out www.exclusivetents.com to see what life under canvas is all about.


- ET

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vertical wood poles

Hey All,
I hope you are all enjoying your Monday. We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our framing options recently so I decided to write this weeks blog surrounding that topic. More specifically the benefits of using vertical wood poles instead of a stainless steel frame. I have listed some pros and cons of both below.
Generally our tents are composed of a steel framed structure. We have a few different options to choose from including mild steel, 304 S/s and 316 S/s. You definitely want to go with a S/s option in any area that is prone to higher humidity or where rusting may be an issue. Another Benefit of choosing to go with the steel frame is that there is much more play room during the set up of the tent than if you were to use wooden poles. The steel poles get bolted into the floor and can be adjusted slightly to properly accommodate the tent and have much more room for error once placed than the wooden poles.
If local timber is available near the location of your tent site, you may want to consider going with a vertical wood pole setup. The benefits of having vertical wood poles are not only that it is very esthetically pleasing to ones eyes, it also increases the overall structural integrity of the tents. It is important to note that even when choosing to go with the vertical wood poles the roof framing will still be a steel framed structure. We also suggest choosing to go with the vertical wood poles in areas that are prone to harsher wind conditions. One of the down sides to wooden poles are that it is necessary to have a proper and confident carpenter on hand and in the area. Once the poles are in there and bolted down through the decking for maximum performance they are a lot harder to adjust than the steel poles. So it is important to make sure that the measurements are correct prior to setting the wooden beams into place. We are able to supply the vertical wood poles for you, but it generally benefits the client to obtain the wood locally. We will be able to provide you with the dimensions needed for the poles.
Go ahead and take a look at the pics below which show the difference between the vertical wood poles and the steel frame options.
Also don't forget to check out our web site (www.exclusivetents.com) to help answer any questions that you may have.
Enjoy the upcoming weekend
- ET