Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Venice, Italy

Canonici di San Marco of Venice, Italy has been described as “homely yet incredibly luxurious”. We, just so happen to agree. They chose to go with our Kingfisher Design which ads the perfect feel to the area. They also further prove that when it comes to developing the ultimate glamping getaway, there is much more to take into consideration than just the location, or the tent itself. What really has captured the hearts of travelers across the globe is the combination of all that plus, the way it is decorated, and arranged on the property. This is truly what makes each one unique and stand out from the crowd.  Photo @ Glamping Canonici di San Marco​

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- ET

Monday, December 19, 2016

Taking the hospitality industry by storm

Glamping has becoming something of a sensation as of recent. Taking the hospitality industry by storm and having created even a slight contest between resort owners and developers to see who can come up with the newest and most creative ideas to date. That being said … After a recent question from one of our clients, we feel as though our Kingfisher Tent would be a perfect design to be used as a tented tree house?

What do you think?

- ET

Thoughts. Become. Things

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2017 is coming quickly

We have a 2017 challenge for many of you and since the New Year is right around the corner we have decided to give it to you early. If you have still yet to experience staying in an exclusive tent for your first time, the excuses are running out. So, my challenge to you for this upcoming year is to pick your next vacation spot, but instead of staying in a hotel, find one of the resorts that we are apart of and try it! We have sprung up all over the world, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find somewhere that offers exactly what you’re looking for. We have captured the hearts of many around the world, and don't believe yours will be any different.

Your next adventure awaits you!

- ET
Thoughts. Become. Things.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What would you require

An interesting thought came across my mind while reading an article early this morning. It was written by someone who was reflecting back about 15 years prior in his life. At that point he was married with 2 kids, recently lost his job and his home. Needless to say he was very inclined to downsize and rework his current situation. Having explored all the different alternative living options available, he ended up choosing a yurt, finding some land and decided to make that “home”. At least for the time being that is… This is what he had to say. “A tent, is nice enough to spend a few years in while creating a forever home, but not so comfy that the house your building never gets completed…”

Well now… 15 years ago, it may have been very difficult and nearly impossible to create the home of your dreams in a circular 20 foot tent. Now however, Exclusive Tents has forever changed the way we view glamping. We have opened doors for many to a unique way of life. Clients of ours as well as our owner permanently live year round in our tents calling them home. With all the amenities and luxuries one could wish for, many times living under canvas is actually preferred to over a normal structure, and many of us have come to realize that living in a tent will actually enrich many elements of your life, instead of making you feel restricted.

So, after reading this article, it left me with one question. What would you require in your living accommodation to make it feel like “home” to you?

- ET
Thoughts. Become. Things